Колеса r17 на лада х рей

Колеса r17 на лада х рей


Adaptation to Russian conditions

Already after the first trip on Xray, you are convinced that it is nothing but a small workhorse, which definitely wins Sandero at the price of the "Common Fameman" and is not afraid of our killed roads, even despite the absence of a full drive. Unfortunately, the appearance of all-wheel drive transmission is not foreseen, because for its introduction to the "cart" B0, the manufacturer would be forced to fully remake the rear suspension, as in the case of Duster, since the elastic beam, the gearbox and the drive shaft are poorly combined, and this is fraught with high costs For auto plant. The declared road clearance is 195 mm, but in fact it is approximately 185 mm, which, in principle, is quite normal for operation in difficult Russian conditions. Also, it can not but rejoice that the bottom of the car is smooth - not visible protruding tubes-silencers, the engine compartment is reliably protected by iron, and the thresholds are located at an optimal height, so that the body is not so easy to damage on the country's primer or snow-covered road.


The doors of the car are quite wide open, due to which a comfortable fit into the salon is ensured. On the second row, it is closed, but the rear sofa itself is very comfortable. In front of it, borrowed from Renault, the first row armchairs are distinguished by high-quality finish, a short-sized group and the presence of a heating function. The driver's seat is mostly competently organized, that's just the driver's door glass does not have an automatic opening in any of the packages. The salon is fully separated by good plastic and decorated in dark and light colors. The steering wheel is made of plastic, and the front panel with styled air duct deflectors is made on seamless technology.

At the door of Xray, more expensive handles than Renault Sandero, and the continuation of the X-topic can be traced on their inner side, as well as on the seats. The new switching lever of the robotic gearbox pleases the eye of chromed finish (at modifications with a five-speed "robot" of AMT). The Xray dashboard, the wells are the same as Sandero, and the graphics and fonts - VAZ. A multimedia complex with a touchscreen display and a rearview video review does not challenge and guarantees excellent image quality - at Volkswagen and Nissan. It is noteworthy that the sound of this "multimedia" is much better than Vesta. In the initial configuration, an ordinary air conditioner is provided, and in the top - automatic climate control, more efficient than the climatic installation of Vesta. In addition, in the cabin there is a cooled glove box, narrow-cooled cup holders, a speaker and the Era-Glonass emergency alert button on the ceiling.

In the basic version there are only two airbags - the driver's and front passenger with the function of shutdown, as well as the two rear head restraints (in expensive versions of their three) and a set of electronic assistants, including:

The basic XRay is equipped with a 2DIN audio system with a radio (FM / AM with RDS function), a CD player, four speakers, AUX and USB input for connecting mobile devices, Bluetooth and HandsFree. But the top versions have a multimedia complex with seventhuminum color touchscreen, six speakers and navigation. Thanks to this complex, you can view the image from the rear view camera, listen to your favorite music and talk on the phone without being distracted by driving. In general, this is an absolutely modern information and entertainment system with an intuitive interface and quite pretty graphics.

Lada X-Rey Specifications

The Hatchback engine gamma includes VAZ gasoline "Fours" with fuel injection with electronic control. We are talking about a 1.6-liter engine, outstanding 106 hp and 148 Nm of peak moment, and about a completely new 1.8-liter unit, which develops 122 hp and 170 nm, quietly relates to 92-MU gasoline and in reality consumes 8-8.2 liters. Fuel at 100 kilometers of the way, while his passport consumption is an average of 6.8 l / 100 km. Both engines are combined with a five-speed manual transmission, however, a 122-strong engine can work in a pair and with a 5-speed "robot" of AMT with one clutch, which has been replaced by a hydrotransformer box. The most powerful modification with robotic transmission is accelerated to 100 km / h in 10.9 seconds, and its limit speed is 186 km / h, which is a good indicator for the model of this class.

Note that the Intrigue of Lada Xray Cross did not, since all the details about the novelty were disclosed earlier, thanks to the FTS. Cross-hatchback has the following dimensions: Length - 4 171 mm (+6 mm compared to the Standard version), width - 1 810 mm (+46 mm), height - 1,645 mm (+75 mm due to increased clearance and rails On the roof) and the size of the wheelbase - 2 592 mm. One of the key parameters for this model is a road clearance, a component of 215 mm, whereas in a conventional hatch - 195 mm. The front track is increased from 1,492 to 1 503 mm, and the rear from 1 532 to 1 546 mm.

Lada Xray Cross will be offered exclusively with a 122-strong motor volume of 1.8 liters in combination with a five-speed manual box or "robot", as well as front-wheel drive. From scratch to the first "hundred" cross-hatchback accelerates in 10.9 seconds (MCP) or 12.7 seconds (AMT), and the maximum speed is 180 and 176 km / h, respectively.

Another important change at the Xray Cross version was the appearance of rear disc brakes instead of drum. In addition, if for Xray, the maximum wheel size was 205/50 R17, then for the cross-version it is 215/50 R17. The curb weight of the car is increased from 1 250 to 1,300 kg, and the maximum mass of the trailer, not equipped with brakes, is now 650 kg, and not 600 kg.

1 / 2

2 / 2

In the cabin of the car, the front armchairs were redesigned and developed side support, the length of the cabin rose by 25 mm, which made it possible to expand the space in the field of the rear passengers. The front panel appeared the seats heating button, as well as the Lada Ride SELECT drive selection selector, and the Xray Cross steering wheel can be adjusted in height and departure. The list of equipment equipment includes a turn backlight system in the dark, three-level heated front armchairs and a separate heated rear.

In the armrest with a box for storing things, which is located between the front seats, is embedded on the rear USB port to charge mobile devices, the rear seat heating buttons and a 12-volt socket. Metal lining appeared on the thresholds.

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lada Xray Cross has five ride modes: ESC ON - designed to overcome complex areas with a mixed type of coating, adjusts the speed of rotation of each wheel separately in the case of demolition of the front or rear axle; SPORT - the effect of the anti-test system on the drive wheels is weakened, the sensitivity of the stability control system is reduced and the sensitivity of the accelerator pedal is increased; "Snow, dirt" - runs at speeds up to 54 km / h, increased threshold of the protesters of leading wheels, enhanced the sensitivity of the electronic differential, the anti-lock brake system increases the slipping of the wheels; "Sand" - settings are changing to improve patency on bulk soils (up to 54 km / h); ESC OFF - Systems of antite and stability controls are disconnected, anti-lock continues to work (up to 54 km / h).

Perhaps the quality of products of the AvtoVAZ concern with the latest changes to the new models, will soon cease to be a reason for jokes - and this can not but rejoice. The technical characteristics of the new Lada Xray have already managed to hit many.

Description of development opportunities

As can be seen on the proposed photos, which were made even during the preliminary show of the concepts of X Rey and Vesta in 2014, this car has impressive overall dimensions. The body length is 4165 mm, its width is 1764 mm and the height is 1570 mm. Data dimensions, like a wheelbase of 2592 mm long, will remain, according to the designs of designers, united for all Lada X Rey cars. Features related to other indicators and parameters may differ significantly.

Regarding modifications and changes in this model, designers and general director of the AvtoVAZ automotive concern said that the Xi Rei will be produced in three diverse versions of the drive. The body, according to the management of the concern, will remain unchanged (regarding the view in which Lada Xray is now produced) - but it does not exclude the possibility of light restyling in the case of such a need.

Currently, only the front-wheel drive version of this new car is ready for sale. Light version of Lada X Rei Cross in a full drive in the form of a full-fledged SUV should take place in the second half of 2016 - and about the same time will be released a vehicle with a switchable full-wheel drive 4x2, combining all the advantages of two modifications described.

Hatchback Lada Iks Rei

Constructors "AvtoVAZ" before the development of the serial model stated that this car would not claim the title of the city crossover, even despite the huge external similarity. In all sources, thanks to this, this car is mentioned exclusively as hatchback (or SUV).

Many domestic motorists looked forward to a new car Lada Xray Hatchback - characteristics and practically complete elimination of all errors of previous failed models played a role. The car is perfect for both urban ride and for traveling for a broken gravel roads, due to the high (195 mm in the curved state) of the clearance and a powerful suspension. The suspension, according to experts, turned out to be very dynamic and pleasant: the front is carried out independent, according to the Mac-Fersson system, and the rear is a solid elastic beam with powerful springs.

Despite the fact that this model is not an SUV, the designers did everything possible to make this car more stable on the track. The rear axle is longer than 35 mm, so that the car will be much dynamic and maneuvering than expected from the machine of such dimensions.

Power units

The technical characteristics of the new Lada X-Rey largely depend on the power units applied to its assembly. It is worth considering the opportunities offered by constructors and evaluate everything that can be placed under the hood of this model.

The simplest and cheapest power unit used to equip this car consists of a standard "VAZ" 1.6-liter engine with a capacity of 106 horsepower and is complemented by the French five-speed transmission of manual switching from Renault. And the engine, and the MCPP were already used in a number of previous developments (the engine with a deafening success was applied to the development of the Lada Vesta sedan, the gearbox is also when assembling this model). The mechanical transmission of domestic production is not used because of its noise, which was not able to "cure" after the exit to the sale of Lada Kalina.

A more advanced version of the power unit combines the same transmission with a 1.6-liter engine from Nissan, with a capacity of 110 horsepower. The difference is quite small, but this engine is objectively better than domestic, more productive and more durable.

The most powerful power unit proposed for the Lada Xray hatchback combines 1.8 liter sixteenthly gauge with a capacity of 122 hp With a five-speed robotic automatic transmission (AMT). The characteristics of the Lada Ix Ray automaton will be significantly higher than in previous complete sets, due to the significantly greater engine power. Nevertheless, fuel consumption will grow significantly, which makes the best power unit from the two-ends offered by "stick."

Speed, acceleration and fuel consumption

Each of the proposed strength aggregates has its own capabilities. They should be considered in more detail.

  • The power unit based on a 106-power engine has good fuel consumption indicators (7.6 liters per 100 kilometers), but quite weak acceleration (11.9 seconds from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour). The maximum speed of the model equipped with this engine is only 170 km / h - lower than that of the basic package of Vesti due to the greater mass.
  • The power unit on the basis of the 110-strong motor accelerates significantly more - from zero to hundreds, it can accelerate in just 10.3 seconds. The maximum speed is not very different from the previous unit - only 171 km / h, however, the fuel consumption is significantly lower and is only 6.9 liters per 100 kilometers.
  • The most powerful and productive unit based on a 122-power engine is able to develop speed up to 183 km / h and much more dynamic. However, automatic gear shifting significantly reduces the ability of the car to rapid overclocking. For greater power, this power unit allows you to accelerate to 100 km / h in 10.9 seconds. However, the machine allows to reduce fuel consumption: only 7.1 liters are 100 km away.

This layout allows you to say with confidence that equipped solely by the first type of power unit Equipment of the X Rey "Optima" is unlikely to enjoy high demand. Buyer will be more profitable to purchase a more advanced version, which will be more convenient, and cheaper.


Currently, the car is proposed in four types of configuration, characteristics and prices for which are already known and publicly available on the official website of the AvtoVAZ concern. There are two main configurations (optima and top) and two packages of additional options available for equipping a car of a certain configuration (comfort - for basic, prestige - for the highest).

It is noteworthy that the basic version of the optima (without package of Comfort options) can be equipped with an exceptionally the firstly described strength unit. All other versions of car packages can be equipped with both the second and third power unit, depending on the preferences of the buyer.

The interior and "filling" of cars seriously depend on what kind of complete the user will select. For example, the radio and the on-board computer is already in the basic version of the Lada X-Rey, and the air conditioner appears only when the version is selected not lower than comfort. The maximum equipment offers the buyer a comfortable interior with leather elements, a sensory multimedia panel (known in the West), heated seats and a lot of other pleasant and useful features.


The characteristics of the Lada Xray crossover are not yet known. Nevertheless, it is known that it is planned to be released in two modifications: a constant and switchable four-wheel drive. What changes will have to touch these cars so that they can be considered full-fledged SUVs - high-pass vehicles?

First of all, the scheme of force aggregates will certainly be significantly reworked. Four-wheel drive passes the engine's effort on both wheel axes, reducing the maximum speed and dynamism of the machine in exchange for increased traction. In order for the car to not be overhaached, the motors characteristics will have to be sufficient to ensure the needs of the full drive. It is assumed that a 1.8-liter engine from AvtoVAZ from the nominal capacity of 122 horsepower will be taken as a basic motor, and for equipping more advanced versions - the turbocharged engine of the same brand, reinforced to 140 "horses".

Most likely, the changes will affect the suspension. The characteristics of Lada Xray Cross should be aimed at ensuring that the car is comfortable to be exploited even in off-road conditions. Still, the hatchback with the front-wheel drive, although it is an optimal combination of features, is designed primarily for urban use. The suspension, according to experts, will have to strengthen and modify to fully comply with the portrait of the future SUV.

There is also unconfirmed information that has become an affordable public that the concern is going to stop the development of all-wheel drive versions of X Rey. Many motorists of Russia have already expressed discontent with this fact.

However, Lada Xray reviews contain too much references to the expectation of all-wheel drive versions so that the leadership of the AvtoVAZ concern could close their eyes and stop the development. As some statistics show, almost half of all motorists are looking forward to the cross-version of X Ray.

Table TTX: Technical Specifications Lada Xray

Car Lada Xray: Specifications
Engine volume 1.6 (106 hp) 1.6 (114 hp) 1.8 (123 hp)
Body type 5-door hatchback
Number of places 5
Length, mm. 4164
Width, mm. 1764
Height, mm. 1570
Wheel base, mm 2592
Road clearance (clearance), mm 190
Curb weight, kg 1140 1156 1135
engine's type gasoline, with distributed injection
Location in front, crossly
The number and location of cylinders 4, in a row
Working volume, cube. cm. 1596 1598 1774
Number of valves 16 16 16
Maximum power, l. from. (kW) / rpm 106 (78) 114 (84) 123 (90)
Maximum torque, nm / rpm 148 155 178
Transmission mechanical, 5-speed
Drive unit front
Tires 195/65 R16, 205/55 R16
Maximum speed, km / h 170 171 183
Acceleration time 0-100 km / h, with 11,9 10,3 10,9
Fuel consumption in a mixed cycle, l / 100 km 7,5 6,9 7,1
Fuel tank capacity, l 50
Type of fuel gasoline, AI-95

Road clearance has never been a problem even for ordinary Ixray. At the cross version, it rose to an impressive 215 mm. The digit is worthy for many all-wheel drives and is comparable with the indicators of such models as related Renault Duster or Kaptur. The increase in clearance has become the result not only changes in the suspension, but also other wheel dimensions. Add to this unpainted plastic around the perimeter, and becomes a good choice for driving outside asphalt.

2. Appearance

If we talk about off-road body kit, then Xray Cross is a vivid example of how "Lats" can benefit the image. Cross really looks much harmonious than usual Ixray: unpacked plastic unloaded heavy image. Plus played 17-inch wheels. True, on a broken road, as our shown, the training still should be with a profile higher. Roof railings are also contributed to a pretty appearance on the roof, giving the car utilitarian appearance.

3. New options and functions

Lada Xray Cross can boast a number of new options. First of all, it concerns the heating of the steering wheel - on the freaks such a useful option in our country appeared for the first time. And the rim itself can be covered with skin. On the cross the heating buttons of the front seats, finally moved from the end of the seats on the central console. The front seats are recycled and acquired more advanced side support. The steering wheel gained adjustment by departure. A combination of devices changed the color of the display of the board computer.

4. Lada Ride Select

Of course, the full drive of the "off-road" version of Ixreya, like the Vesta, is not. And it is hardly foreseen. But there is still some alternative to this modification. This allows you to choose one of the five modes of movement. It is also possible to disable the anti-test system. There is also a sports mode, exacerbating reactions to pressing the accelerator, and "snow / dirt and sand" - not only the accelerator settings are changed in them, but also a large degree of slipping is allowed. The last mode we managed to try in the Karakum sand. Of course, it will not replace four-wheel drive, but will allow the machine to advance for several tens of meters further than the usual Xray.

5. Chassis

In addition to the set of updates in the cabin and the appearance of the LADA Ride SELECT system, Ixray Cross moved and upgrades the chassis. Front suspension levers are similar. From it and steering with an electric powerful. And, of course, disk brakes on all wheels. All this inevitably affected the moves. Xray Cross on a winding road goes much more pleasant and clearer the usual isxray. The reactions to the steering wheel became more accurate, the early demolition of the front axle disappeared when the speed of speed disappears. And the infinite number of vibrations and jogs on the uneven road are no longer transmitted to the steering wheel.

First minus - price

At a price in the maximum configuration of the Xray Cross reached the new psychological mark of 900 thousand rubles. And although prices are now high on all cars, very few ready to pay almost a million rubles for Lada. On the other hand, not so long ago of such a psychological mark were half a million rubles, then 700 thousand rubles ... Nevertheless, and for this money, the Lada is perfectly absorbed.

The second minus is a close salon

Inheritance from the Renault Stepway, Ixrey got a close rear row of seats. His inhabitants are not enough air. It is standing behind the wheel to be a man above the average growth, and after him no longer sit comfortable. Yes, and the trunk that accommodates 304 liters (according to SM measurements), it is impossible to be called a gigantic according to modern standards.

In short, if the price does not frighten you, and in a super-accomplice trunk there is no sharp necessity, then Lada Xray Cross is a worthy choice even against the background of numerous competitors.

  • Finally, stylish cars appeared in Russia, and everything should be beautiful in a decent car: both, and. Well, B.

June 12, 2016

Clearance Lada Ix Rey is still the subject of debate. Therefore, it is worth assessing its indicators not biased, appreciating not only volume, but also convenience.

Road clearance is one of the determining parameters for a modern crossover. For the same reason, Lada X Rei is often related to the number of parquets. However, AvtoVAZ has already closed this question, openly stating that X Rey is not a crossover, but just a high hatchback. Nevertheless, Lada Xray clearance very worthy and can give odds to even some SUVs. But after all, such a trait has already become traditional for a vase, which produces cars focused on riding in Russia, not only, and not always on even road roads, rather, on the contrary. So how are things going with the road lumen at the domestic hatchback?

This direct statement AvtoVAZ Presci Any Peresis regarding Nishi Lada X Rei.

Some terminology

The clearance is called the distance from the surface of the coating under the car, to its lower point. This indicator not only characterizes the passability of the machine, but is also responsible for stability.